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Safety and Us


Absolute Scuba is committed to Absolute Safety.

With 15 years of collective experience in diving, instructing and managing dive shops, we understand that Safety in Diving is non-negotiable. We take great pride in our History of being attached with some of the Safest dive operations in the past. And can boast of a spotless safety and incident free record.

We aim to keep it that way at Absolute Scuba with our focus on small groups and personalized attention as well as associations with the safest dive operators and Dive Safety promoters worldwide.


Absolute Scuba also takes pride in associating with the best manufacturers of Diving Equipment from all over the World and only stocks products that have a consistent reputation in the Diving industry.

We promote:

Scubapro : Manufacturing high-end professional Diving Gear.

Bauer : Makers of Iconic Breathing Air Compressors.

Luxfer : Producers of top of the line Aluminum Scuba Air Tanks.

Divers Alert Network (DAN) : Legendary Non-Profit Organisation promoting Dive Safety, Research, Evacuation & Treatment globally.

PADI Willis : Offers a range of exclusive insurance policies specifically for PADI Asia Pacific Members.



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