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Absolute Scuba offers the chance to reaching not only the highest standards of diving as Dive Master but also the ability to Go Pro and find a rewarding, challenging and fulfilling Career in diving as a SCUBA Instructor.

Our tie-ups with some of the most reputed Operators and IDC’s (Instructor Development Centers) in India & South Asia guarantee great value for money and allow for some of the best destinations to be considered when you’re ready to take the Plunge!

Our “Internship” program allows you to start your Pro-level courses right here in Pune and train with the Best. Absolute Scuba promotes a hands-on approach to Going Pro.

The internship is a disciplined, rigorous, challenging but rewarding mix of understanding the core of Scuba diving. It takes a “non-touristy” approach of taking your-self and your diving to the highest levels of proficiency and prepares you with in-depth experience to mirror the standards set by some of the leading Federations of diving.

Divemaster (DM)

Days Required :
Minimum 30 days.
Age :  18 years onwards
Pre-requisite : PADI Advanced OW diver + PADI Rescue diver + EFR certification + 40 dives.

The DM is one of the most respected certification in Diving. Certifying as DM is proof of achieving some of the highest standards set by the diving industry and is a stepping stone to Go Pro.

Chosen as either a personal choice to advance to Professional levels in diving or to enhance your diving skills to the max, the DM certification is aimed at imparting the highest levels of diving proficiency to an individual.

One step short of Instructor, a DM is trained to Instructor levels in terms of understanding Diving skills, Rescue, Theory, Dive planning & leading. A DM is qualified to assist an Instructor in training, understands equipment in & out and clearly stands out as a highly trained individual with exemplary skills and discipline.

A challenging and rewarding course, the DM certification is one of the best courses a diver can attempt.

Open Water Scuba Instructor

The embodiment of all things Scuba, an Instructor certification is a Beginning rather than an End. It signals the beginning of a lifetime in Scuba Adventures and also opens the door to a lifestyle that is not bound and conforming to the Every-day-ness of life. 

Go-Pro and claim your passport to magical Adventures in the Liquid World.

Pre-requisite : Dive Master


Absolute Scuba is always on the look-out for young, passionate, Water - loving people. We are committed to honing the right people with the right aptitude to develop into Ambassadors of the Oceans.

Careers in Scuba diving are on the rise. And we can help you should Oceanography, Marine Biology, Conservation or even Underwater Photography be your calling. Contact us to Take the Plunge.

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