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Absolute Scuba contributes to Corporate Team Building endeavors with the Discover Scuba Diving & Open Water Diver courses to improve a Team’s:

- Joint problem solving skills
- Group dynamics - Confidence
- Co-operation

Scuba training embodies aspects relevant to Organizational behavior vis-a-vis skills such as:

- Non-Verbal communication
- Assertiveness in Risk management
- The 3 P’s of Practice, Patience & Perseverance


- Improves morale and leaderships skills.
- Finds barriers that can prohibit creativity.
- Clearly defines objectives and goals.
- Improves processes and procedures.
- Improves organisational productivity.
- Identifies a team’s strengths/weaknesses.
- An excellent tool to motivate, improve Employee Benefits, reduce attrition and   increase an organization’s visibility.

Scuba diving programmes provide upbeat and powerful team building experiences, which increases efficiency by enabling staff at all corporate levels to work as true team players.

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Scuba Diving for Corporates
Corporate Team Building Offers


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